Mundo Hispano Web Quest


Congratulations, you have won a virtual ticket to Mexico, Argentina, or Spain - your choice!

Your assignment is to create a fun and realistic travel itinerary.



Complete 1& 2 on your own.
1) Entrevista

Entre" (inter) + vista (view), you know what that means!

2) Escoge (Choose) el país

This is the first step towards creating your itinerary.
Read 3 - 6 for instructions
3) Escribe (Write)
su compañero de viaje

You will do this assignment IN CLASS. (Partner activity).

4) Hagan su itinerario en parejas  

Instructions on creating your travel itinerary. (Partner Activity)

5) Preparen una presentación oral

Instructions on preparing your oral presentation.(Partner Activity)

6) Cuenta tu viaje

 Instructions for writing your travel adventures in the past tense.

Last one! Complete 7 for full credit

7) Reflexiona y Comentario

Reflect on your web travels and give us your comments!

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